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In March 2011, the Florida Board of Executive Clemency made significant changes to the process for civil rights restoration. The changes rolled back reforms passed in the last decade, and added new waiting periods for formally-incarcerated persons to apply for having voting and civil rights restored.

Under the new rules, there are now two categories of approval with mandatory waiting periods for restoration of civil rights depending on the nature of the felony conviction. For more information about the two cateogires and what kinds of convictions fall under which category, please read our new one-pager on the waiting periods (PDF).

We have created a new brochure which describes the current rights restoration process. Download the brochure (PDF) for yourself or to make copies to share with others.

We have also created a document to answer frequently asked questions about the FRRC and rights restoration. Download the FAQ (PDF) for yourself, or to make copies to share with others.